Top 7 Reasons Why Salesforce is the Best CRM

Top 7 Reasons Why Salesforce is the Best CRM?

According to IDC, Salesforce CRM owned 23% of the market share in 2022. Today, this platform has more than 150,000 customers globally.
Traditional customer management methods usually include spreadsheets and paper records. Working with these had several major drawbacks as they were time-consuming, and also required a great deal of manual labor.
To address these loopholes in customer management processes, Salesforce introduced a single cloud-based platform, Salesforce CRM. It offers a unified and scalable platform to boost sales efficiency, and customer engagement, and drive business growth.
To know why Salesforce is the best CRM for both large-scale and small businesses, read this blog till the end.

What is Salesforce CRM?

What is Salesforce CRM
Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform by Salesforce. As a customer relationship management platform, your sales team can track sales, manage customer interactions, and streamline workflow and processes while improving customer services.
The conventional customer relationship management processes usually involve your sales team struggling with multiple spreadsheets. Besides the discomfort of management and a great deal of manual labor, working with them had several loopholes. These disadvantages have paved the way for businesses to consider why Salesforce is the best CRM when compared to others.
With Salesforce for small businesses, organizations can focus on improving customer engagement strategies and delivering personalized experiences to each customer. This shall eventually help your business drive sales to ensure scalability and growth.
Now that you have an idea of Salesforce CRM meaning, let’s take you through its importance in today’s businesses.

Why use Salesforce CRM?

Why use Salesforce CRM
The points below will take you through why Salesforce is the best CRM for businesses today.

Sales Automation

The Salesforce CRM platform assists in streamlining sales processes and improving efficiency by automating sales processes.

Better Customer Management

Better Customer Management
With Salesforce CRM for small businesses, your sales team can centralize customer information and details to build better relationships with customers and close deals.

Smooth Customization

With the assistance of Salesforce support partners, you can ensure a great deal of customization of Salesforce CRM features to reap better benefits.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration
It is also easy and less time-consuming to integrate the Salesforce CRM platform into your existing system, to help simplify the transition process with frequent training to overcome any big or small hiccup.

Marketing Automation

You can create and organize customized ad campaigns for each audience segment. With marketing automation features, you can also schedule ad launches more effectively.


Businesses of all sizes can grow and fulfill their requirements effortlessly while working with Salesforce CRM.

7 Best Reasons for Switching to Salesforce CRM

7 Best Reasons for Switching to Salesforce CRM
Here are 7 most common reasons why Salesforce CRM is the best.

Diverse Features and Add-ons

Salesforce CRM hosts a diverse range of features and Add-ons to fit all business types. This includes a lead management tool to track and manage leads throughout the sales cycle. You can also track and contact their status down the sales funnel down the sales funnel.

Ease of Customization for Your Business Needs

Ease of Customization for Your Business Needs
With the right Salesforce CRM service partners, you can customize the Salesforce CRM features and add-ons to align with your business models. By integrating customized Salesforce CRM into your existing system your sales team can close deals more efficiently with AI-driven insights.

Quick Integration with Various Systems and Apps

Another important reason why Salesforce is the best CRM is this platform’s ease of integration with other systems and apps. You can seek assistance from expert Salesforce CRM consultants regarding integration of this platform into your existing system. With the best assistance, you can also gather the necessary training services and strategies to ensure a seamless transition to a new system.

Huge Growth Potential

Huge Growth Potential
With Salesforce CRM you can track and organize the leads efficiently. Unlike spreadsheets, Salesforce CRM automates several monotonous tasks. By automation of repetitive tasks, your sales team can focus and prioritize pitching sales and enhance their customer engagement strategies. These can allow them to close a high volume of deals and generate revenue for your business.

Robust Analytics and Reporting

Salesforce CRM is an AI-backed platform. This means it can help your sales team strategize a comprehensive plan with AI-driven insights and real-time data to close deals effectively. Furthermore, you can also customize individual dashboards on Salesforce CRM to have a closer look at the status of leads and their position in the sales funnel. Also, the Salesforce CRM works with Salesforce Einstein AI to provide real-time insights on changing consumer behavior patterns and market movements. This shall help your team plan a professional strategy to help your business scale.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Enhanced Employee Productivity
As reasons why Salesforce is the best CRM, it goes without saying that with seamless integration and AI-driven insights, this platform assists in boosting employee productivity. Its customizable features also make Salesforce CRM a right fit for every big and small company to help businesses scale.
Salesforce CRM also acts as a centralized repository to store diverse forms of data. This means you can store contact details here for a very long time even after lead conversion or as dead leads to contact later. Besides their contact details, the platform also stores their present status and data shared between both parties. You can also access these data from any device. This also strengthens remote work practice.

Better customer Support and Customer Service

Besides offering an extensive platform to store contact details of potential leads, the cloud store of Salesforce CRM also acts as a knowledge base platform. As a knowledge base, this platform holds product details, user manuals, company policies, and other required documents regarding your business, product, and services. Your customer support team can access these documents from their devices and address any kind of customer issues conveniently
To conclude, Salesforce CRM is a necessity in today’s workplace for its numerous services. Some of which are mentioned in the aforementioned points. With this platform, companies can look into managing customer interactions, track sales, and ensure customer support much more effectively. This shall help their business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce CRM is a highly customizable and flexible platform, making it the right fit for large-scale and small businesses.
Key features of Salesforce CRM include sales automation, contact management, customer service and support, marketing management, customizable reports, analytics, dashboard, and marketing automation.
To prioritize data security and defend your company and customer data from third-party access, Salesforce CRM conducts multi-factor authentication, regular security audits, data encryption, and compliance with industry standards.

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