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Best Address Management Software for Salesforce

Salesforce has State and Country pick lists to reduce customer efforts to submit details. Yet, customers tend to minimize variations and enter inconsistent values in the country and state fields. It makes it cumbersome for your professionals to assign sales territories and report by region. It calls for an additional tool that can simplify and speed up the process to improve your organization’s efficiency. Here Mango Address comes as a savior! It equips Salesforce users with the power to manage addresses in Salesforce more effectively. Mango Maps is the most dependable address management software for Salesforce that enables users to standardize and validate value to maintain quality addresses. With Mango Address, you can find, record, and validate the addresses of multiple accounts, contacts, or standard/custom objects. Mango Address combines best-in-class features to accelerate the address management process. Here are some features Mango Address offers:
  • Easy to install package
  • Easy to Verify Address of Objects
  • Users can verify the Address with one click
  • Easy Navigation and UI
  • No coding required for setup
  • Support Custom Objects as well
  • City and state auto-complete from US ZIP entry
  • Single click country output
  • Automate sales territory field
  • Customizable
  • Support for all objects
  • Automated type ahead premise-level address verification, using global-local Postal authority data
  • Auto-complete city and state fields from a US Zip-Code
  • Clean all existing address data
  • Standardize your Country values as either the Full Country Name
  • Display the current time or UTC offset on any record, based on the address
  • Lookup relationship support, allowing for easy auto-completed formula fields for location related data such as US County, Sales Territory, Time Zone, or Currency
  • Support for Orgs with Country and State Pick Lists enabled
  • Supports custom fields, objects
  • Instant address verification +auto complete + geocoding
  • Works with all addresses, including custom objects

Why integrate Mango Address into Salesforce?

Mango Address is the feature-rich address management app for Salesforce, built specifically to streamline address validation. Integrating Mango Address into Salesforce allows managing addresses in a tactically methodical way. The tool is strategically structured to give users access to essential functions for address management of custom or standard objects, accounts, and contacts. If you haven’t found and integrated an address management tool for Salesforce, you must consider Mango Address to enhance performance and productivity.

Request a free demo and find out how Mango Address can improve address management for your Salesforce solution!

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