Privacy Policy

This privacy statement clarifies what personal data WahInnovations gathers from you and how we use that data.

Who we are

We are WahInnovations, a US-headquartered provider of Salesforce consulting services. As you read this document, you are currently visiting our website, which is a digital front of our company.

We are extremely determined to offer you the incredible experience while you are browsing our website, sharing the materials you might be seeking, quickly clarifying any questions that might occur, and guaranteeing seamless functioning of the website to avoid inconvenience.

All of this is unattainable without your kind assistance, which you render by sharing your personal data with us. Concurrently, we recognize that personal data is a sensitive matter. Thus, we keep your privacy a high priority. To prevent inconvenience and make you feel agitated in this regard, we’ve created this privacy policy. This privacy policy includes each and every piece of information that directs our work with your personal data.

What Personal Data We Collect

WahInnovations collects data to deliver you straightforward feedback regarding our services. You, as a user provide some of this data directly, for instance when you fill in the Contact form, Contact us form, and other details for support or comment on our articles. 

We get necessary data using technologies like cookies and receiving error reports or usage data from applications running on your device.

We also acquire data from third parties. We safeguard data received from third parties according to the procedures described in this statement, including any supplementary constraints imposed by the source of the data. These third-party sources may vary over time, but now incorporate the following:

  • Service providers that help us specify a location based on your IP address to modify certain products to your locale.
  • Partners with which we deliver co-branded services or engage in collaborative marketing activities.

You have preferences concerning the information we gather. 

When you are requested to share personal data, you may deny it. 

But if you prefer not to provide data that is required to provide a service or a particular feature or give feedback, you may not be able to use this service or feature or obtain feedback.

The data we gather can incorporate the following:

Name and contact data. We collect your first and last name, phone number, company name, work email address, and other alike contact data.

Demographic data. We gather information about users such as country and preferred language.

Website data. We gather information regarding your interaction within the WahInnovations website. For instance, we gather:

  • Information regarding user’s behavior patterns, i.e. information about the visited website sections and time you spend there.
  • Configuration data. We gather information about the network visitors uses to connect with our website. It includes your IP address.
  • Performance information and Error reports. We fetch information regarding issues you encounter with our services. This information assists us to discover problems and delivering reliable solutions. Considering your browsing environment and settings, error reports can comprise the type of the problem, software or the hardware details related to the error, the contents of the files used by visitors when the error takes place. Moreover, it consists of data concerning other software on the device you use to access our website.
  • Troubleshooting and Help Data. For troubleshooting and help, we gather data about you and your device’s software, hardware, and other details associated with the event. Such information comprises the user’s contact data, chats, and other communications with WahInnovations, the information about the machine, and the application’s state when the error occurred and during diagnostics. Furthermore, we collect the system and registry data regarding hardware configurations software installations.

Please, be informed that visitors of our website may share private details we do NOT require. For instance, details in the description section of a CONTACT-US form. We guarantee that we will not use this information, excluding storing it in a backup server. Please, do not share with us any personal data not asked from you directly. 

Our site is not intended for children and for private individuals, and we do not purposefully accumulate data relating to them. Parents can withdraw the confirmation choices made earlier. Also, they can check, edit or request to remove children’s personal data.

We may obtain user information from third parties who have your confirmation to share your info with us, or from publicly obtainable sources.

Why We Gather Personal Informatio

WahInnovations accumulates information for the undermentioned objectives: sending communications, such as analyzing website visitor statistics; enhancing the user experience; promotional communications; advertising; and technological site troubleshooting.

To accomplish many such goals, we intend to notify you about problems you’ve asked us to tell you about; to contact you if we need to obtain or share more details; to ensure the accuracy of our records, and to examine every now and then that you’re satisfied. We never share email lists with other companies and businesses.

Why We Share Personal Data

WahInnovations communicate users’ personal information with our Development and services team to improve user experience and site performance. Furthermore, we share personal data to fulfill users’ requests regarding our services.

How to Contact Us

If you have any concerns, complaints, or questions, reach us at [email protected]. We’ll connect with you soon to answer your queries.