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Salesforce Lightning upgrade is less stressful than it appears, and Classic-to-Lightning conversion does not have to be a pain. The change can be smooth and seamless if you use the appropriate strategy. It’s a three-part procedure for effectively migrating to Salesforce Lighting, with each phase has been completed before moving on to the next. Salesforce Lightning migration services are the best solution for smoothly transitioning from Classic to Lightning.

Most firms will need to switch from Classic to Lightning to take advantage of improved capabilities, higher productivity outcomes, intelligent workflows, and other benefits. Wahinnovations Lightning Consultants have the expertise to assist in this transition.

When you’ve decided to use Salesforce Lightning, it’s time to get started i.e.during a new Implementation or using Salesforce for several years and simply require a transition from a Classic to Lightning, Wahinnovations Lightning Consultants are fully equipped to develop a strategy that will work for your organization to ensure a smooth journey, guaranteed for the cost-effective outcome and ensure the transition is worth that hard-earned effort.

Why choose us for salesforce Lightning service ?

Wahinnovation’s team consists of over 50 dynamic, experienced and qualified professionals with extensive experience in information technology, experience with leading technology platforms, and extensive industry knowledge. We are proud of our positive customer feedback and have completed over 100 quality projects on time and within budget. Our customers receive undivided attention, and we provide excellent service without any overhead, unlike our competitors. We are certified Salesforce Administrator, Data Architect, PD1 Certified, Sales Consultant, Service Consultant, CPQ Specialist, and many other Certified Developers. We are dedicated and provide quality to customers and strive for continuous improvement and better service throughout our business.
  • End-to-end Consulting
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Easy-to-navigate Pipeline Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Performance Management
  • Certified and Accountable Team
  • Transparent Communication
  • Performance Management

Have any queries regarding Salesforce?

Have any queries regarding Salesforce? Are you planning to implement Salesforce into your business? Find how our Salesforce consulting service helps you resolve business inefficiencies and enhance relationships.

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Let's innovate something unique together to make far-reaching changes in customer service