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Best Commission Software for Salesforce To Manage Sales

Commission management has been a time-consuming process. Also, it’s the reason businesses Most Salesforce businesses rely solely on its functionality to carry out sales commission management. 

On the other hand, many businesses practice conventional methods to calculate commissions.

Salesforce indeed provides the most useful functionalities and features for CRM. Yet, businesses must opt for a commission software For Salesforce. A sales commission software resolves one of the biggest problems for Salesforce businesses. 

Businesses that integrate commission management solutions into Salesforce can reduce errors and automate sales commissions. We have built Mango Commission to ease commission management for Salesforce businesses. Mango Commission is a native commission software that incorporates necessary features for calculating commissions.

Our commission calculator tool is fully customized to perform quick and accurate calculations as per your requirements and validations. Our native sales commission tool enables Salesforce businesses to quickly calculate commissions and achieve optimum performance.

It greatly reduces the time businesses spend on various tasks related to calculating commissions. Sales reps can calculate, verify, as well as recalculate sales commissions effortlessly. Here are the most useful features of Mango Commissions:

  • Install package easily
  • Easy to calculate commission
  • Different methods to calculate commission
  • Create custom teams and products
  • Easy navigation and UI
  • No coding required for setup
  • Support custom objects as well
  • Interactive and automated commission calculation
  • Multiple ways to calculate – Direct, In direct and simple, graduated commission for sales console objects, record page, lists and reports
  • Commission history to check
  • Download in excel and pdf
  • Create tier level for commission to calculate
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Support standard and custom objects
  • Integrate with process builder automate calculating commission on criteria that you set

Why Integrate Mango Commissions to Salesforce?

Spreadsheets and Salesforce are the commonly used solutions for calculating sales commissions. However, a dedicated salesforce commission software is essential to execute numerous operations with maximum efficiency. You can achieve accuracy, reduce errors and costs involved with sales commission calculation.

If you’re interested in Mango Commission or want to know how it can benefit your business, request a demo now!

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