About Mango Merge

Salesforce Merge Software To Manage Duplicate Records

Duplicate records put extra work on your Salesforce team. Consequently, it hinders the crucial process and decreases efficiency. If you are looking for a powerful and reliable Salesforce merge tool to manage duplicate data, Mango Merge is a solution that you can trust. Mango Merge is a native Salesforce app to manage duplicate records and improve data quality. Now users can search duplicate records, select master records, and merge duplicates to make data easy to understand. After integrating Mango Merge into Salesforce, you can merge duplicates in Salesforce using simplistic steps. Firstly choose a record to retain, preview the final output, and then merge duplicate records. Unlike other duplicate record merging solutions, Mango Merge has easy navigation and User-interface, an option to schedule/abort jobs for duplication, and a codeless setup process.

Mango Merge is packed with all features to merge duplicate records and make data clean, error-free, and handy. Below are some notable features that make Mango Merge a reliable Salesforce merge software:

  • Install Mango Merge package in a few simple steps
  • Easy to merge duplicate records
  • Different objects and fields to get merge
  • See the Preview before merging
  • Easy navigation and user interface
  • No coding required for setup
  • Merge Duplicates & Convert Records
  • Merge records with Mango Merge without losing data, such as attachments, opportunities, and history. Convert Leads to Contacts
  • Finds duplicate records on any object
  • Merge ‘single’ duplicate records within Salesforce using an easy interface
  • Designed to remove duplicate records on objects (Lead, Account, and Contact)
  • Merged relevant data still available in the Primary record, chosen by the user
  • Single button to save all three criteria viz. Search criteria, Criteria to filter records, and Criteria for Primary Record by assigning a unique name!
  • Remove duplicate data in your existing database
  • Superior customer service and support
  • Track merge records history
  • Merge duplicate bulk records
  • Remove duplication in real-time

Even if you have a powerful CRM solution, like Salesforce, all your efforts and hard work might go in vain if you cannot refine bulk, duplicate data. Here a Salesforce merge app comes into play. Businesses that use Salesforce can maintain clean and accurate data through Mango Merge. Once you complete setting up Mango Merge, you can move forward further to detect and merge duplicate data. Mango Merge cleanses existing duplicate records in your Salesforce CRM and ensures new records are also accurate, validated, and worthwhile.

Want to know more about Mango Merge? Look no further! Get in touch with one of our Salesforce specialists at WahInnovations to get started on the go. Discover the capabilities of Mango Merge; schedule a demo to find out how Mango Merge solves your duplicate data challenges!

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