What is Salesforce Sales Cloud_ An In-Depth Guide

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud? An In-Depth Guide

Sales Cloud is one of the specific platforms by Salesforce that can help organizations engage with potential customers with smarter strategies. This can assist the sales team convert leads to customers more efficiently.

However, one might wonder how Salesforce Sales Cloud is better than the conventional process.

The conventional process requires your sales team to struggle with multiple spreadsheets where they manually enter data. Besides stealing off a great deal of time, manual spreadsheets also lead to inefficiency in data entry. This can lead your team to lose the best customers.

As opposed to this, Sales Cloud converts the entire business process to a single platform. Your team no longer needs to enter data manually. This increases productivity with a comprehensive detail about your client.

For a detailed knowledge of what Salesforce sales cloud is, read this blog till the end.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Overview

Salesforce sales cloud overview
Sales Cloud by Salesforce is an extensive customer relationship management or CRM platform that is essential to support the sales team in their daily activities.

Sales Cloud comes with key features like lead management, forecasting, AI-driven insights, and much more to manage contacts and track potential leads. Furthermore, the scope of what is Salesforce Sales Cloud also involves convenient integration with various apps and services. This helps paint a collective picture of customers’ interaction with your business. It eventually helps the sales team drive revenue growth with efficient strategies.

Why Do You Need a Sales Cloud?

For a detailed knowledge of what a Salesforce Sales Cloud is, you must also have a clear idea of how a sales cloud helps companies drive revenue to new heights.

Sales Cloud acts as a centralized repository that holds client data in detail. As cloud storage, it not only holds data of on boarded clients but also potential leads as well. Furthermore, it can automate diverse tasks and provide essential insights that can assist sales teams in lead management, and sales forecasting practices. This shall help improve customer retention and increase brand loyalty.

Furthermore, the sales cloud along with its AI-based analytical power can determine patterns and offer real-time analytics. This helps organizations to streamline sales processes and boost efficiency and effectiveness in terms of closing deals with Salesforce sales cloud.

Key Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Now that you have an idea of what is Salesforce sales cloud, let’s take you through the key features that make Salesforce sales cloud service a necessity for your organization.

1. AI-Driven Insights

AI-Driven Insights
This is one of the essential Salesforce Sales cloud features that make it stand out as a new-generation customer relationship management platform. By signing in to Salesforce sales cloud, you can gain predictive insights and suggestions that can help you close deals more efficiently.

2. Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting
Salesforce Sales Cloud brings to the table an efficient artificial intelligence that can easily determine patterns and customer behavior. This can help your sales team act wisely with sales cloud’s efficient and accurate prediction of future sales.

3. Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Customizable Dashboards and Reports
As a user, you can tailor customized analytics and visualizations for your diverse clientele. Furthermore, managers can also generate individual reports on deals closed by individual team members. This can help organizations track the sales teams’ progress closely and strategize plans accordingly.

4. Mobile Access

Mobile Access
You can also install the sales cloud with Salesforce on your mobile devices easily. This can help you contact your clients conveniently and perform other associated actions anytime with your phone. Thus, with Salesforce sales cloud, your sales team can close deals efficiently even while working remotely.

5. Lead and Opportunity Management

Lead and Opportunity Management
This is another important feature that you must know while considering what Salesforce sales cloud is.

The platform can also assist your sales team to track and manage the sales prospects in a more organized manner. This means, your team does not have to rely on multiple spreadsheets and update them manually. Consequently, this saves a lot of time for your team to focus on closing deals efficiently rather than filling up spreadsheets.

6. Ease of Integration

Ease of Integration
Integration is a crucial feature when talking about the Salesforce sales cloud process. The CRM platform can conveniently integrate with any application. This can help your sales team have a detailed idea about both B2B and B2C customers and plan their moves accordingly to close deals.

7. Salesforce Security Model

SalesForce Security Model
As a popular sales cloud, Salesforce sales cloud services take data security very seriously. The platform is fortified by Object-Level Security, Record Level Security, and Field Level Security. These ensure no third-party authority can access the data and sensitive information that sales cloud holds.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Sales Cloud

Benefits of Using Salesforce Sales Cloud
For a detailed idea, the points below will take you through the benefits of Salesforce sales cloud.
  • Salesforce sales cloud, you can access a comprehensive suite with built-in AI and automation. This ensures scalability to your business plans.
  • Salesforce CRM is built on the best and most trusted CRM platform that ensures end-to-end revenue management. It also provides insights to move strategically at every step of the customer lifecycle.
  • It is a centralized platform where users can access and add innumerable customer data anytime.
  • You can also conveniently upload and share files regardless of their format any time through any device. Furthermore, you can also configure sharing settings like who can access them, and type of access.

Salesforce Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud

Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud
Very often, users confuse the sales cloud with the service cloud. However, both are distinctly different. Salesforce Service Cloud is different from sales cloud. Let’s take you through the difference between the two for a comprehensive overview of the Salesforce sales cloud.
The table below displays the points of difference between Salesforce Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud.
Sales Cloud Service Cloud
Primarily focuses on sales and revenue generation Primary focus of Salesforce service cloud lies on Customer service and support management
Can conduct efficient sales forecasting to help team members close deals. Cannot forecast customer behavior.
Does not offer a case management feature Service Cloud offers case management.
Sales managers and sales team are the primary users of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Customer service agents and support teams are primary users
Does not offer a customer self-service portal Introduces a customer self-service portal where customers can easily raise an issue.

Getting Started with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Getting Started with Salesforce Sales Cloud
While gaining knowledge on what is Salesforce sales cloud, it is common to wonder how to implement it yourself for your organization.

To get started with Salesforce sales cloud quickly and efficiently, Wahinnovations is your go-to solution. You can reach out to our efficient Salesforce partner with the requirements specific to your business needs.

We can optimize the sales cloud perfectly for your business processes. This shall eventually help increase efficiency while ensuring you are using the right practices.

Sum Up

To conclude, this is everything you must know about what Salesforce sales cloud is and how it can help your business scale new heights. With the right strategies, Salesforce platform will help increase user adoption and close a high volume of deals every day.

Initially, implementing sales cloud for your team might sound intimidating and an overwhelming process. It is here, that our experienced team of sales cloud experts can assist your journey. For more details, Contact us.
Frequently Asked Questions
The primary users of sales cloud by Salesforce are sales team, sales manager, and business development professionals.
Sales cloud by Salesforce is fortified by strong security systems that ensure user authentication and data encryption. It also undergoes regular security audits to ensure every customer’s data stays protected.
Salesforce Einstein is the AI tool for sales cloud. As an AI tool, Salesforce Einstein provides predictive analytics, insights, and recommendations. These help the sales team strategize data-driven lead engagement plans.
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