12 Solid Ways to Increase Sales Productivity in 2024

It is no surprise sales make the very foundation of your business. From shaping to developing your business, sales have a critical role. And when it comes to leveraging your Salesforce productivity, each representative’s value counts. However, it is all up to you how you can make your salespeople stay focused and engaged in valuable activities that lead the way to sales outcomes.


Below are the 12 ways to boost your sales productivity with Salesforce:

1. Invest in managers and administrative staff:

Having an experienced leader is important because your sales managers serve as motivators. According to a Gallup study, carefully choosing competent managers results in a 27 percent increase in revenue per employee.

Thus, you can successfully manage and improve the system if you recruit a team of skilled Salesforce administrators. They will benefit your business and enable you to implement your Salesforce plan quickly and efficiently.

2. Focus on strategic talent deployment:

Well-strategized talent management practices go a long way in improving your overall salesforce productivity. Figure out your A-lister star employers and assign them business-intrinsic roles. All organizations have the same number of high-performing employees. Established organizations have a thing in common they deploy A-lister employees into critical business-driven roles and job roles to achieve their sales goals.
But before you head to strategize talent deployment, make sure to find out the roles in your organization and who your best performers are. These star employees are an asset to your business who can help boost your sales productivity and revenue.

3. Opt for a basic UI and customize it for your users and teams:

Your employees have access to all of your company data and insights, thanks to a CRM system. Since sales and marketing personnel lack technical abilities, finding the appropriate data or tool should be simple and quick. Therefore, choose a CRM to set up, navigate, and use.
You may create personalized pages for each department and data type with Salesforce Products and services. If each group’s perspective on the system is designed to reflect the data, they will each work more efficiently.

4. Implement mobile CRM solutions:

Customers and employees both recognize how convenient mobile solutions are. Creating a mobile version of your CRM will keep your field agents informed, and it helps to control the distribution of your workforce.
It will increase your capacity to convert prospects and increase your access to data. Immediate access to Salesforce products will allow team members to record transactions, perform quick updates, and take notes without turning on their laptops.

5. Choose automation rule on validation rule:

Automation and validation both aim to help keep your data organized. However, they have the opposite effect on productivity. While verification slows down users due to the need to resolve errors manually, automation saves users time by preparing information for them.
Administrative tasks consume a significant amount of time and money. Therefore, organizations must leverage CRM automation to perform tasks like tracking recurring orders and payments to increase sales productivity after digitizing front and back-end records.

6. Work on integration of all business applications:

To synchronize your analytics data and streamline the task of each department, integrate all of your business applications. It will allow you to access essential features without logging in. No method is more effective for getting a clear picture of performance than enhancing it.
Additionally, consumers choose to interact with their preferred companies this way more often. For example, with the ease of sharing personal information by connecting your social media accounts to your CRM, you can track conversations and draw knowledge from available client data.

7. Analyze metrics through dashboards and reports:

Reports and dashboards are the items of Salesforce productivity tips to improve sales. CRM can generate customized reports so that you can track the overall success of a business and the progress of specific departments. Salesforce sales productivity features provide simple, direct access to the report creation process.
Your leads, the time it takes to complete a deal, and other important concerns about your sales performance can be addressed using these customized reports. Through these reports, you can work more efficiently and come up with important suggestions that can change the way your organization operates.

8. Remove barriers to productivity:

It’s beneficial to make sure there are no obstacles in the way of the sales team productivity before concentrating on methods to boost productivity. When acquiring productivity statistics, sales leaders must ensure that sales agents are not overwhelmed with administrative responsibilities.
Your team’s productivity can increase with the help of Salesforce Productivity Actions. Therefore, when your sales team is free from the unnecessary workload and has the right access to resources, they will be more efficient in meeting your business objectives.

9. Provide Support to Your Sales Team:

Less time is spent interacting with customers and prospects when your sales team is reduced to clerical tasks. Most businesses use CRM software to enable sales agents to monitor important customer information and milestones. As opportunities move through the sales funnel, this can help agents keep a better eye on them.
Your Salesforce productivity action plan should include regular training sessions to keep your Salesforce users updated with systems knowledge.

10. Develop a responsive and replication process:

Even though every company is unique, you can find out how to share your brand of sales magic. To boost productivity, you can note who your top talent is, find out their style, develop metrics based on their activity levels, and then compare their performance.
Next, without compromising each team member’s autonomy, you can repeat the process by guiding the other members on pointers that work and instruct them all on the crucial metrics.

11. Expedite sales pipeline:

Is your sales team struggling to get a steady inflow of new customers? If yes, then a CRM can help.
Using CRM software, your sales team can manage and keep track of prospect information which will be readily available at all times. It will benefit your sales team in case they encounter common pipeline problems like:
Another more recent out-of-the-box feature of Salesforce opportunity products is pipeline inspection. It provides vital information regarding a rep’s or team’s forecast for a particular period which can significantly boost sales.

12. Always on the lookout for new ideas:

The Salesforce products offer a variety of third-party apps and add-ons that expand functionality and work to scale up your team’s productivity.

Whether you need to generate documents automatically or include a phone system for automated call logging, there are apps available to help you simplify each sales task.


Your company has boundless potential that should apply to your pursuit of improvements. Make small investments and figure out a growth strategy that works to boost your sales productivity.

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