6 Major Benefits of Hiring a Salesforce Consultant in 2022

Every business wants success in its intended goals, not just to boost sales, but customer satisfaction is essential to be successful. You need expert Salesforce consulting services for a perfect solution and guidance to help you reach what you want.


The Salesforce Consultant team will help you manage your business CRM, implement their ideas to increase sales in the market, understand your customers more accurately, increase productivity and get valuable opportunities to collaborate with consumers.

Benefits of Hiring a Salesforce Consultant Partner:

1. Improving effective decision making:

The right decision will elevate your business, but a wrong decision can bring your business down. This is one of the most important benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant for your business in making the right decisions to keep organizations running smoothly and efficiently.


In the rapid technology to implement changes in business CRM, it is important to make the right decision to expand your business. Salesforce Consultants can provide easy and quick decisions in designing and forecasting the needs of Salesforce clients.

2. Understanding customer needs:

A certified Salesforce consultant has enough knowledge to understand the needs of your clients. It is good to continuously track customers to know their behavior that an expert advisor can uncover consumer loyalty. You may not know enough to handle customers, but a Salesforce consultant does many ways to persuade consumers to turn to our business services.

3. Increases business ROI:

By hiring a Salesforce consultant, you get your business in exchange for a high return on investment. A consultant will implement the latest technologies to increase productivity which can help to increase business ROI

4. Quickly solve business problems:

Businesses fear losing Salesforce data or stealing data from other organizations. T hire a great Salesforce consultant, you don’t need to worry about it. They take necessary steps to protect your business to avoid these types of problems.

5. Business Growth:

Hiring a professional Salesforce advisory partner is the primary key to rapid growth in your business. They can turn your business into the best workflow and help enterprises scale up their business operations.

6. It saves time to increase productivity:

Nothing hurts more than losing opportunities in business. Salesforce Consultants save you time and resources by implementing trends in current scenarios. To save time, you can generate more leads to increase productivity in your Salesforce business. If we use the Salesforce implementation correctly, it will save you time and money in many ways.


Finding a certified Salesforce consultant is one of the most challenging tasks for organizations. Once you have found the best consulting partner for your business by implementing Salesforce, you now have access to get all of the above benefits.


Wahinovations is the foremost advisory partner providing a wide range of Salesforce consulting services to professionals looking to secure their business. Our experienced consultants are always available to assist you with Salesforce business issues and share implementation processes that will excite your business.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Solutions

How Salesforce CPQ Helps Increase Your Business Revenue

Professional Services Industry includes software services, training, certification industry, etc. The majority of sales processes in this business are similar to the normal Sales process of a CRM platform. In terms of product structure and rules, the products and services sold are not overly complicated. Every company, on the other hand, has its method of pricing and offering discounts to clients.


Through configuration and customization options, Salesforce CPQ provides a solution to satisfy the pricing calculation demands. The sales cycle for professional services concludes with the formation of a project to track the actions related to the services sold to the customer. Salesforce CPQ can help with this as well.

CPQ provides the following key benefits:

Improved Quote Accuracy –

A quote may go through several iterations as a result of changes in various parameters. For instance, revision of activity duration of a resource that is working onsite. CPQ keeps track of the price per planned resource for a project and automates pricing implications so that all of these changes are calculated automatically. Each update in CPQ can be set up to automatically generate approvals.

Reduce data mismatch between quotes and projects –

In most cases, sales data is kept in a separate system that isn’t always integrated with the project management system. Many issues arise as a result of data discrepancies between what was mentioned and what is intended for the project. Data mismatches for activity time, resource responsibilities, rates, and other factors are eliminated when CPQ and other projects are integrated.

Streamline Quote Revisions –

After a project has begun, it is highly usual to get a change request or contract amendment. CPQ has a Quotation revision process that may be used to fulfill the needs of any revisions to an existing project, and it can also be used to manage change requests during the quote process.

The following is an example of a general use case from lead to quote to project:

Unlike regular Salesforce objects, you can create custom Salesforce objects. Custom objects are those that are generated by platform users to meet their specific needs. Though there are several objects already built into the platform of Salesforce CRM, they can’t cater to all the needs of every single organization. To circumvent this barrier, Salesforce has the option of custom objects, which allows customers to construct Salesforce objects that are unique to their business and serve specific functions.

A courier company, for example, could develop a custom object to hold each week’s schedule and shipment details. As a result, these objects store data that is specific to the company. Custom fields can be added to custom objects in addition to the normal Salesforce fields.

The procedure for revisions and change requests is as follows:

CPQ can also assist in all aspects of a project, including:

Finally, using CPQ’s Auto Creation of Quote Lines from Project Details, a quote may be created quickly, accurately, and directly from projects. Users can also create fully branded and completely Configurable Proposals and send them directly to Clients. With our expertise as one of the leading Salesforce Consulting Partners, Explore Our Salesforce CPQ Insights!