Best Salesforce Commission Software For Sales Organizations

Salesforce Commission Software For Sales Organizations

Sales organizations are now using CRM solutions like Salesforce to manage the business on Sales Cloud. Salesforce is the best CRM for managing sales data and improving business accuracy. One of the most challenging challenges that a sales company, whether small or big, faces is managing the sales commission operation of their sales staff. Since Salesforce CRM contains all of the sales team’s data, it is simpler to monitor each member’s sales activity and measure commission accordingly. The method of estimating the sales team’s commission becomes easy, efficient, and accurate with the integration of separate commission software for Salesforce from AppExchange.

What Exactly Salesforce Commission Software Do?

Salesforce allows you to create custom fields, formulas, and reports, but it does not permit you to handle traditional sales team commissions. You have to integrate a third-party Salesforce commission software. A commissioning software manages and monitors the activity of the sales team and provides commissions/incentives accordingly. The entire commission management process, including Salesforce CRM, will be automated. Let’s take a look at the best commission calculation tool available in the market.

Mango Commission

Mango Commission is a commission calculation software for business enterprises to handle sales team compensation. It automatically monitors commission based on the person’s sales activity. Automate commission management, audit monitoring, and operation tracking.

Features of Mango Commission

  • Data Collection and Organization
  • Sales Management Crediting Guidelines & Rollup
  • Managing Territories
  • Managing Quotas and Objectives
  • Keeping All Participants Informed
  • Keeping track of all plan rules, calculations, and formulas
  • Validating Calculations and Data Reconciliation
  • Exception Handling
  • Payroll Data Retention
  • Predicting the Future
  • Delivering Reports
  • Obtaining Approvals
  • Keeping Data Access Secure
Please let us know how you plan to handle commission calculation with Salesforce. You can get more information about the Mango Commission Software by Wahinnovations at
Things You Should Know Before Using Salesforce Maps Tool -

Things You Should Know Before Using Salesforce Maps Tool

In your organization, Data visualization and mapping are considerable aspects to count on from the sales team. Integrate the Salesforce maps tool with existing Salesforce CRM which helps your sales team to work efficiently, boost productivity, improve team performance, and enhance customer relationships. 

Now, let’s further discuss the things you should know about the Salesforce maps tool. 

salesforce maps app is a geo-location intelligence app that helps in the sales process and optimizes territory management. It allows you to schedule and design sales reps in the map field and produce results in visualization. It is a location-based tool that assists the sales team to target customers with planning on defined territories to improve sales reps and ease tracking activity.

Things to Know:

  1. This tool converts your Salesforce data into an interactive map that directs your sales team to potential customers.
  2. A territory map will help the sales team to plan strategic routes.
  3. You can get visual insights of customers and sales reps on your dashboard. It will assist you in developing successful strategies for your customers.
  4. Integrate with google maps to make it easy to use for your sales team. 
  5. No coding and technical support needed. Everyone in your sales team can easily use Salesforce mapping software.

About Mango Maps 

Mango Maps is a Salesforce native app created by Wahinnovations. Mango Maps offers a wide variety of features for your business organization. When considering Which mapping tool is best for your business, then Mango Maps is an excellent option.

Features of Mango Maps:

  1. Allow the sales team to plan sales-driven operations based on location.
  2. Install Salesforce software right away from Salesforce Appexchange.
  3. Easy setup, use, and navigate.
  4. The dashboard displays the results in graphical form.
  5. Easy to see the location of maps.
  6. Track contacts, customers, and accounts from Salesforce CRM. 
  7. and numerous other features to make your work process more effective.


By now, You must understand how beneficial it can be to integrate the Salesforce mapping tool in your organization. Mango Maps is without a doubt the best mapping software with various useful features and ease of use. Let us know in the comment, Which features you use most in a salesforce mapping app.