Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud providers can increase your sales team’s efficiency and enhance customer service. Sales Cloud automates processes, customer communication, and management empowering sales reps to work efficiently. Sales cloud saves time for nurturing leads and helps your sales team close deals faster. Whereas Salesforce Service Cloud helps customer services agents quickly solve customer queries using integrated communication channels.

Despite many similarities, Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud aren’t interchangeable. Sales Cloud eases converting prospects into customers, and Service Cloud facilitates better customer management and increases customer retention.

Each organization has its own set of requirements and goals to achieve. Sales Cloud and Service Cloud have the potential to streamline your business operations. But, it can be a daunting task to pick one that best suits your requirements, especially if you are new to the Salesforce ecosystem.

If you are ready to enroll with Salesforce CRM and need assistance to choose one among Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, our Salesforce consulting team is right here to provide immediate guidance.

WahInnovations, as your Salesforce implementation partner, ensures a smooth transition to Salesforce CRM at minimum cost and time.
We provide tailored Salesforce services for enterprises and businesses across multiple industries. Our veteran Salesforce consultants and developers guide customers with product selection, Salesforce implementation, customization, third-party app integration, and provide training & support. Our professionals understand the true potential of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud and know which edition can deliver the maximum value to your business.

Our skilled team first analyzes your business needs, understands customer expectations, and creates a plan to implement the right Salesforce products that can transform your business operation and improve the overall customer experience.

Why Choose Us?

Leveraging our industry expertise and specialization in Salesforce CRM, we resolve existing problems and lay the foundations of lasting solutions that deliver excellent results from day one. Our sole purpose is to equip you with the best Salesforce products that meet your existing needs and assure future success.

Our dedicated Salesforce consultants collaborate with your team to get a clear picture of your business requirements and customer base. Afterward, we start formulating an implementation strategy following your specific business requirements.

Are you doubtful which Salesforce product is the right fit for your enterprise? Do not rely on disconnected systems and unorganized business operations. Let’s develop an impactful CRM strategy!

Our Services include

  • Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud Setup, configure and customize
  • Workflow development
  • Salesforce integration with system and applications
  • Salesforce integration with third-party apps
  • Data Migration to Salesforce
  • Salesforce Support, Training & Documentation

Have any queries regarding Salesforce?

Have any queries regarding Salesforce? Are you planning to implement Salesforce into your business? Find how our Salesforce consulting service helps you resolve business inefficiencies and enhance relationships.

Let’s innovate something unique together to make far-reaching changes in customer service. Schedule a free consultation now!

Let's innovate something unique together to make far-reaching changes in customer service