Five Reasons To Implement Salesforce Document Generation Software For Your Business

Streamlining your sales activities is always a part of the process when striving to improve your organization. Learning the ins and outs of customer service software products will help you get the results you seek. Nothing beats a dependable Salesforce document generation software for getting the most out of your CRM. 

Here are five reasons why Salesforce document generator is the best option for your company’s documentation:

1. Acts As A Guidelines For Your Sales Team

Without leadership and order, a team is nothing. When you use a document generator, your team will have access to a better document workflow that optimizes the entire process. The document generator keeps everyone focused on goals and on track to meet their deadlines.

2. Salesforce Provide Strong Data Compliance 

Another advantage of using a Salesforce document generation tool is that your data will remain compliant. If you have specific standards or checks and balances in place, this uniform workflow will help you enforce them more effectively. 

3. Your Process Will Exponentially Speed Up

Your sales staff will spend significantly less time formatting, cutting, and pasting using a document assembly system and will be able to produce freely on the move. Whether you’re making graphical presentations or drafting a lengthy proposal or a basic contract, you’ll notice that stuff will move from concept to completion much more quickly and with fewer loose ends.

4. A Document Generator Support Your Team

The system’s characteristics allow new employees to get up to speed far faster than they would with only a training session or two. Each cycle of a document generator workflow serves as an on-the-job training course for new employees, and before you know it, they’ll be seasoned and ready to go.

5. It Allows You To Enhance Your Data Security  Efforts

You are helping to manage your company’s cybersecurity efforts by adopting document automation and assembly software. These systems allow you robust encryption methods and other safeguards to avoid breaches and malware. 


As you can see, using a Salesforce document generator will provide you with several advantages. Now that you’re aware of the advantages of employing document production software, you’ll need to invest in the ideal one and learn how to utilize it correctly. Mango Docs, a native tool of Wahinnovations, is the solution your firm has been looking for. For additional information and to schedule a free demo, go to

What Should You Look For in a Salesforce Document Generation Software? -

What Should You Look For in a Salesforce Document Generation Software?

Document generation tools will boost overall productivity and efficiency. Employees will be able to respond swiftly to the needs of your customers, and the days of sending out typo-ridden paperwork will be a thing of the past. Salesforce document generation tools function by combining your business data into pre-built templates, eliminating the need to hunt out information and double-check copy-pasting. As a result, they must be compatible with the current processes and workflows for gathering and storing your organization’s data.

Why Should You Use Salesforce Document Generation?

Document generating solutions enable you to automate a time-consuming but critical business process, allowing your staff to focus on higher-value tasks. Because of the efficiency, precision, high ROI, and security that document-generating systems provide. Every firm needs a plethora of mission-critical papers to generate daily quotations, invoices, contracts, and proposals, to name a few.

By implementing Salesforce document generation software, you will optimize your workflow in a variety of ways, including:

  • You’ll regain your time, allowing you to focus on elements of your work that you couldn’t before.
  • Work proactively to go ahead rather than undertaking time-consuming reactive duties that simply accomplish the bare minimum.
  • Branding is constant across documents, which saves you from providing out-of-date or off-brand documents to clients.
  • Collaboration among cross-functional teams improves and accelerates turnaround times.
  • Fewer typos/errors
  • Improve all elements of your organization, from finance to sales to staff onboarding, by making all of your procedures more efficient and user-friendly.

Request a Mango Docs demo today if you want to speed up document generation. Learn how Mango Docs may help you enhance document automation and benefit your organization.

How To Use Document Generation Tool to Create Document With Salesforce Data?

How To Use Document Generation Tool to Create Document With Salesforce Data?

With the help of any Salesforce document generation tools, We can automatically design or use a template for a document. And with the help of Salesforce data, you can create any type of document, such as a contract, quote, agreement, proposal, or application, and convert it to a PDF, Word Document, Excel Document, or Google Doc, among other formats.

We’ll go over how to use the Salesforce document generation tool to generate documents using Salesforce data in this article.

The following are some of the most common reasons for generating documents from Salesforce:

  • With the press of a button, you can build a proposal or quote PDF from data existing in the Salesforce Account, Proposal, and Opportunity Line Items and email it to a potential customer.
  • Create a form with merged field information from the person’s name or company information.
  • To send an electronic signature, create an agreement or contract that combines the company name, the person’s name, and any unique contract information already entered on the Salesforce record.

How to generate documents in Salesforce?

  • You can utilize an app like Mango Docs, which we developed. Alternatively, you can create apex code with a trigger or a class to generate the content.
  • The Mango Docs app has the benefits that it is easy to configure if you are not a programmer, and as well as to update any template or settings.
  • Mango Docs includes all features to automatically generate documents in Salesforce.
  • Mango Docs focus on offering additional assistance for greater flexibility and comfort in several scenarios: Google Docs to save documents, Search tool for searching fields. Document previewing is simple and quick. Send an email to numerous people at the same time. It is simple to construct a template by just pasting a string from Template Builder. There are numerous ways to conserve money, as well as many others.


If you want to learn more about Salesforce products, please contact us. Also, please leave your ideas in the comments about using the Salesforce document generation tool in your organization.

Adopt Salesforce Document Generation Software For Your Business

Adopt Salesforce Document Generation Software For Your Business

Consider all of the hours your staff spends writing paperwork, sending emails, following up by phone, and keeping track of many sales possibilities at the same time to ensure nothing slips through the cracks… It’s enough to make you cry with rage at the squandered time and resources, not to mention the sales talent tethered to admin when they should be producing sales! It’s time to embrace Salesforce document generation software to automatically generate smart documents.

Benefits of Salesforce document generation tools for your organisation:

Allows Sales Teams to Focus on What is Important:

Allow salespeople to focus on selling rather than document creation.


Every business has its own set of rules. The more control you have over documents created in Salesforce, the more likely the rules to be enforced.

Branding Consistency:

We all know that the marketing team is very concerned with layout, grammar, and correct logo usage. By using approved templates for all documents, there is less chance of deviating from those standards when employing a document generator.

Faster Completion Times:

The less time a sales rep spends on the document, the more time they have to sell — which also implies that when the document reviews and close times decrease.

Reducing Errors:

Because salespeople aren’t doing things manually or cutting and pasting from one document to another, they make fewer errors – something consumers like.


Data from document generators are combined to generate insights across the system. Admins/sales managers can view the full book of business in real-time with a single click

Mango Docs is the only Salesforce document generation tool that is developed on the native Salesforce platform. That means it’s faster, more secure, easier to use and more seamlessly integrated into the system on which your staff rely every day. Leave us a comment to tell us your view on implementing document generation software.

Useful Features and Benefits of Salesforce Document Generation Software -

Useful Features and Benefits of Salesforce Document Generation Software

Salesforce document generation software allows you to generate rich format documents by leveraging Salesforce data to create PDF or HTML pages based on templates. It allows users to create, customize, and edit data-driven documents automatically with any salesforce document generation software. It will benefit companies in increasing their business’s competence, dependability, and efficiency.

In this article, We will discuss the useful features of Document Generation and the best ways to get benefits from it.

Useful Features of Salesforce Document Generation Tool

Template Builder

Salesforce document generation app has many pre-loaded template designs as well as a template creation feature that allows you to easily build your own template.  Anyone who needs the tool has easy access to it.

Editing Capabilities

It makes things much simpler if your software has an easy-to-use document editor that allows you to make all essential document settings with a few clicks. Without this feature, you may quickly find yourself tinkering with complex Salesforce platform configurations.

Automation of Documents

Aside from basic document automation, a Salesforce document generation tool can do a lot more to boost document production. Several solutions allow you to automate additional document-related tasks to enhance the document experience.

Such as:

  • Predefining criteria to automatically choose alternative text, pictures, and tables based on document recipients. 
  • Inserting attachments inline or as separate documents using automatic rules or easy selection choices.
  • A workflow step triggers automatic document production.

Benefits of Using Document Generation

Here are a few benefits of Salesforce Document Generation to help your business.

  • Create an automated offer template.
  • Create a responsive template for a client issue/request.
  • Create a presentation for your account strategy.
  • Generate an audit report.
  • In a maintenance report, combine complex data.

Get in touch if you want to learn more about Salesforce products. Also, please share your thoughts on incorporating the Salesforce document generation tool into your business in the comments section.