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Overview of Salesforce Native Survey Tool Mango Survey

Your customers are the prime key of your business organization, and their satisfaction is the most valuable and crucial requirement to accomplish.

An organization’s success relies on accurate and timely feedback from customers, team members, and others on the service or product.

Salesforce allows integrating native tools to create and send campaigns and surveys of your product and service. One of the best Salesforce native survey tools is the Mango Survey. 

What Is a Mango Survey?

Mango survey is a Salesforce native survey tool created by WahInnovations to build beautiful and valuable mobile-friendly and Email surveys. Create custom contact campaigns and custom survey forms easily. Automatically send surveys after every opportunity and lead, sync real-time response data, dynamic reports, and multiple useful features. 

Mango survey offers support like; template survey creation, instant preview of the survey, ease of creating multiple surveys, support excel and external contacts, proper analysis with reports, and dashboard for survey feedback.

How To Create & Send Survey Forms?

With the help of the Mango Survey tool, you can quickly build unique and valuable survey forms and survey campaigns and send them as per your requirements.

Here is a step-by-step guide to create and send campaigns or surveys to your end-users, team members, and others:

Creating Survey Campaign:

Enter the name of the existing campaign or create a new survey campaign.

Enter mandatory fields and share the campaign. Simple isn’t it!

Creating Survey Form:

Enter your survey form details like survey name, questions(add multiple questions), comments(optional).

Preview and share the survey with internal or external contacts.

Select your survey campaign and survey form with contacts.

Get proper reports of feedback on the dashboard.


Among all the available salesforce survey tools, the Mango Survey tool by Wahinnovations is different with various extra features. You can integrate the mango survey with your existing Salesforce CRM.  Visit www.wahinnovations.com/mangosurvey to grasp more information.

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