Mango Asset a Salesforce Inventory Management App -

Mango Asset a Salesforce Inventory Management App

Inventory management is one of the time-consuming processes that can slow down your company’s development. You need proper inventory management whether you operate a store, an eCommerce platform, a supermarket, or a logistic warehouse.

What is an Inventory Management App?

A Salesforce inventory management app is a tool that allows you to track products as they pass through the supply chain of your organisation. It outlines the entire path of a product, from order placement with your vendor to order delivery to your customer.

Businesses reduce waste, evaluate patterns, and make better investment decisions if their products are tracked accurately.

Additional Feature- Salesforce Warehouse Management

You can monitor your warehouse with an inventory management app. If you run a logistics company or a warehouse and have trouble managing inventory, the Salesforce warehouse management feature of the inventory management app will help.

Mango Asset by Wahinnovations

Mango Asset is a native inventory management software for Salesforce developed by Wahinnovations. It is a one-stop solution for all your inventory management needs in your showrooms and warehouse.

At the time of the incoming asset, Mango Asset produces a barcode, which allows you to add all of the information related to your assets and retrieve it when needed simply by scanning the barcode.

Other core features of Mango Asset are Inventory Management at all levels of the sale, support, returns, Unlimited inventory locations, Transfer inventory from one spot to the next, and multiple warehouses.


If you are looking for an inventory management tool for your business, check out Mango Asset, a salesforce inventory management app, at Wahinnovations. It is one of the best inventory management tools available, with numerous features. With Mango Asset, you can get more than just benefits.

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