eSignature For Salesforce

Know About eSignature And Uses Of eSignature For Salesforce

With the implementation of perfect technology, everything is digital in today’s world. Handwritten signatures on legal contracts and documents also become digital as eSignature. An electronic signature provides a secure and accurate identification process for the signer for seamless transactions. In 2000, the US passed the ESign Act to facilitate electronic signatures for commercial and legal works. As businesses regularly adopt the latest technologies, eSigns are majorly in use by various organizations nowadays. 

Benefits Of eSignature For Business

  • eSignature is legally valid and applied by almost every industry worldwide.
  • eSignature speeds up the signature process of signatories by eSign documents.
  • eSignature helps reduce costs by saving on papers, ink, postages, and others.
  • eSignature is most useful for the sales and marketing team to conduct faster transactions. 
  • eSignature also makes the hiring process simple, safe, and quick by electronically accepting candidates’ forms.

Why eSignature For Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the best CRM used by organizations and the reason is its integrity compared to other applications. Salesforce allows you to integrate eSignature into your existing CRM system. With the help of eSign’s tools, you can customize agreements with eSigns, sign on any device, collect payments, trigger actions, and many others. One of the best eSignature that can easily integrate with existing Salesforce CRM is MangoSigns.

Why MangoSigns?

Mango Sign makes it easy to create contracts and agreements for signing, track signature completion in real-time, and securely store signed documents. 

Some useful features of MangoSigns in Salesforce are Install Packages easily, easy to merge duplicate records, different objects and fields to get merged, see the preview before the merging, easy navigation, and UI, No coding required for setup.

If you want to integrate eSignature within your existing Salesforce CRM system, MangoSign by Wahinovations can be an excellent option. You can visit our website to get more information.

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