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Integrate Mango Asset A Salesforce Inventory Management App

You must have an inventory management system if you own an eCommerce platform, a logistics company, a supermarket, or any other type of business. Salesforce is the best CRM because it helps you to integrate third-party applications to make the job easier. There are several Salesforce inventory management apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange that allow you to automate all aspects of inventory management in business.

An inventory management app is generally a visual inventory system that keeps track of your stocks, raw materials, and orders, as well as managing your warehouse. Track and maintain your inventory while displaying visual information on the dashboard. It has a plethora of helpful features to help with inventory management and distribution.

Mango Asset is a sort of inventory management app developed by Wahinnovations to aid in the overall management of your company.

Wahinnovations’ Mango Asset

Mango Asset, an inventory management software Salesforce, is available as a Salesforce native app from Wahinnovations. Mango Asset will help you manage your inventory, supply chain systems, production and distribution processes, automating sales activities, and providing real-time integration options.

Mango Asset Features:

  • Automate all inventory and showroom management activities.
  • Allow complete visibility of inventory, including all existing stock and new stock.
  • Keep tracking and indicate a shortage of raw material.
  • The best advantage of Salesforce warehouse management with mango assets. 
  • Get every order status, such as order received, order completed, and order fulfillment, and others.
  • Generate a barcode that you can scan for tracing.
  • Keep your hands on each activity of sales and purchase.
  • Track all overall activities in visual graphics on an all-in-one dashboard.
  • Get real-time data with the help of a cloud dashboard.

In conclusion

Mango Asset is a one-stop solution for all of your inventory and showroom management needs. Tell us in the comments why you want to integrate an inventory management tool into your business.

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