How to Merge Records in Business Using Salesforce Merge Tool?

How to Merge Records in Business Using Salesforce Merge Tool?

There aren’t many sayings in database maintenance, but here’s one: a clean database is a happy database. If you have recurrent duplicates or data duplication in your Salesforce org, you won’t have a pleased admin or operations team. For starting, a Salesforce merge tool is set up and activated for merging your data of company accounts, contacts, and leads. In today’s post, we’ll look at how to keep different types of duplicate data and the differences between them.

How Can Your Team Avoid Making Duplicates in The First Pace?

Taking preventative actions is the first step toward maintaining a clean database. Salesforce has some excellent resources to assist you with this right out of the box. You can enable tools that will alert users while they are creating a record if the system detects duplicate data in the database. They can then double-check to ensure they are adding a new record rather than a duplicate. It’s also a good idea to equip your team with training to help them use clean data practices.

Merging Several Types of Data

Even if you take careful and thorough proactive measures to maintain a clean database, something may fall through the cracks. If you end up with a duplicate, you’ll need to know how to combine records. You can end up with notes or other valuable information spread across multiple duplicates, and you don’t want to lose any of it. Fortunately, Salesforce has several native features to assist you in locating and merging duplicates.

About Mango Merge

Mango Merge includes all of the functionality needed to merge duplicate records and make data clean, error-free, and convenient. To make data easier to grasp, users can now search duplicate records, pick master records, and merge duplicates. After integrating Mango Merge with Salesforce, you can easily merge duplicates in Salesforce.

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