The Best Ways to Use the Salesforce Inventory Management App in Business

The Best Ways to Use the Salesforce Inventory Management App in Business

Every business, large or small, should have some sort of inventory management system in place to keep track of their stock, and many do. The issue is that many of these businesses are not making the most of their inventory management. If this describes you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Implementing Salesforce inventory management app best practices in your business is critical because they will help you save time and money in novel and exciting ways that you may not have considered previously.

In general, the three ways to use the Salesforce inventory management tool in business are:

  • Update Purchase Orders Record
  • Inventory Stock in Budget by Month 
  • Begin by Utilising Inventory Management Software 

Update Purchase Orders Record

Changing purchase orders after creating is a common problem for businesses. Sometimes you need to make date alterations and quantity adjustments, and other times you need to account for incomplete deliveries and receiving problems. This causes many issues because inventory predictions rely primarily on the precise purchase order information.

Inventory Stock in Budget by Month

Make it a monthly effort to develop inventory budgets, and keep a regular reminder to schedule buy orders when necessary to avoid stockouts. The benefit of scheduling once a month is that it frees up your inventory budget by causing you to take action on all of your overstocked items. Undoubtedly, It becomes an easy process with the help of the Salesforce warehouse management tool.

Begin by Utilising Inventory Management Software 

Stop using Excel to keep track of your inventory! Spreadsheets are time-consuming and do not always accurately depict inventory levels. You should invest in tools that will assist you in determining how much inventory you have on hand and when to reorder.

Final Thoughts

These methods are the use of cutting-edge technology to assist you to automate your various warehouse business activities. Visit for more information on the best Salesforce inventory management platform for your organization.

How To Integrate Salesforce Merge App Mango Merge? on

How To Integrate Salesforce Merge App Mango Merge?

Salesforce is an excellent CRM for efficiently managing your company’s data. The Salesforce merge app makes data management in your company very easy, quick, and safe.

A Salesforce merge app helps to manage duplicate data from CRM. It merges duplicate data or also deletes unnecessary data. Not only duplicate data, but it also simplifies all data cleansing processes such as duplicate records, big data, lost records, validates records, data synchronization, and so on.

Mango Merge is a Salesforce native software for managing duplicate records and enhancing data quality. To make data easier to understand, users can now scan the duplicate records, pick master records, and merge duplicates. You can quickly merge duplicate records in Salesforce after integrating Mango Merge. First, choose a record to keep, then preview the final performance before merging duplicate records. Mango Merge has simple navigation and a user-friendly interface, with the ability to schedule/cancel jobs for duplication and a codeless setup process.

How To Integrate Salesforce Merge App Mango Merge?

If you want assistance in installing Mango Merge, please contact our experts at Wahinnovations. However, here’s a step-by-step guide to show you how to install Mango Merge:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Log in to the AppExchange.

Step 3: Choose the preferred installation option; Install in production or Install in the sandbox.

Step 4: Search for the Mango Merge app on AppExchange.

Step 5: Accept the Terms and Conditions, then click Install.

Step 6: Choose the installation for specific profiles and install packages.

Step 7: Click to install…Click done after completion.

You are now ready to use the Mango Merge service.


Do you want to learn more about Mango Merge?

To get started on the go, contact one of our Salesforce specialists at WahInnovations. Discover Mango Merge’s capabilities; schedule a demo to see how Mango Merge can solve your duplicate data problems! - Understand Native Salesforce Accounting App Mango Books -

Understand Native Salesforce Accounting App Mango Books

CRM services are being used by companies of all sizes, from small startups to mid-sized and large corporations, to boost their operations. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) makes it easier to improve customer relationships with integrated tools. Salesforce is the most popular CRM service, with numerous integrated native tools.

Tired of seeing incorrect financial data? Is it a waste of time to enter several entries into various systems? Do you wish the accounting and CRM systems could communicate with one another? Do you want your financial reports to be kept in the same location as your sales and customer records?

Salesforce allows you to manage all these account services with the integration of the salesforce accounting app. With the help of this app, you can easily manage your account transactions and create reports.

One of the useful and unique accounting apps salesforces allows to integrate with is Mango Books.

Why Mango Books?

Mango Books is an accounting app for Salesforce, developed by Wahinnovations, is a useful Salesforce native platform for all of your account management services. Want to run accounting tasks in Salesforce and still use your existing Accounting systems, Automate revenue recognition, project accounting, billing, and other accounting and financial processes that happen downstream from sales. Basic Accounting like AR, AP, and more. Mango Books is easy to install, has an easy navigation UI, no coding required, and supports custom objects.


If you want to simplify account management in your company, you should try the Mango Books accounting app for Salesforce. Tell us in the comment section what you think about the accounting app.

Seamless Experience of eSignature For Salesforce During WFH!

Seamless Experience of eSignature For Salesforce During WFH!

Work from home has become the new normal in the IT business, allowing us to work remotely even during a pandemic. CRM integration helps many businesses to go digital. Salesforce has undeniably become the most prominent CRM service among other CRM services. The reason for this is the range of third-party CRM integration tools available on the Salesforce AppExchange, which aids in seamless and efficient WFH.  

Since everything is digital, documentation and signatures have also become digital. You need approval and a signature on every document to keep the data record. eSignature for Salesforce is a game-changing feature, especially as remote work becomes the standard. Everyone who works with contracts (sales, HR, admin) needs it.

An eSignature is a type of electronic signature that denotes acceptance of a contract or document. The use of an eSignature tool simplifies the capture and storage of various types of signatures. It is simple to implement by providing an entry form in the document or contract. Businesses frequently use eSignatures because they are legally binding.

Your clients anticipate smooth workflows and quick contract turnarounds so that they can begin receiving the benefits they paid for as soon as possible. Using electronic signature processes to provide everyone with what they want is the best way to supply these features. 

No workflow is complete unless the members involved can safely get copies of a signed document. A modern eSignature solution should automatically send out copies of signed agreements or links to them.

In The End

eSignatures assist in automating to provide convenience, compliance, and enhanced productivity in Work From Home. Wahinnovations’ Mango Sign is an eSignature tool for Salesforce. It streamlines the creation of contracts and signing documents. If you’re looking for a comprehensive contract and eSignature tool, Mango Sign is worth exploring.

Mango Asset A Salesforce Inventory Management App in Business Now -

Integrate Mango Asset A Salesforce Inventory Management App

You must have an inventory management system if you own an eCommerce platform, a logistics company, a supermarket, or any other type of business. Salesforce is the best CRM because it helps you to integrate third-party applications to make the job easier. There are several Salesforce inventory management apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange that allow you to automate all aspects of inventory management in business.

An inventory management app is generally a visual inventory system that keeps track of your stocks, raw materials, and orders, as well as managing your warehouse. Track and maintain your inventory while displaying visual information on the dashboard. It has a plethora of helpful features to help with inventory management and distribution.

Mango Asset is a sort of inventory management app developed by Wahinnovations to aid in the overall management of your company.

Wahinnovations’ Mango Asset

Mango Asset, an inventory management software Salesforce, is available as a Salesforce native app from Wahinnovations. Mango Asset will help you manage your inventory, supply chain systems, production and distribution processes, automating sales activities, and providing real-time integration options.

Mango Asset Features:

  • Automate all inventory and showroom management activities.
  • Allow complete visibility of inventory, including all existing stock and new stock.
  • Keep tracking and indicate a shortage of raw material.
  • The best advantage of Salesforce warehouse management with mango assets. 
  • Get every order status, such as order received, order completed, and order fulfillment, and others.
  • Generate a barcode that you can scan for tracing.
  • Keep your hands on each activity of sales and purchase.
  • Track all overall activities in visual graphics on an all-in-one dashboard.
  • Get real-time data with the help of a cloud dashboard.

In conclusion

Mango Asset is a one-stop solution for all of your inventory and showroom management needs. Tell us in the comments why you want to integrate an inventory management tool into your business.

The Benefits of Dialer for Salesforce For Sales Teams in Business

The Benefits of Dialer for Salesforce For Sales Teams in Business

A Salesforce dialer will be one of the most useful tools in your business development. Giving your sales team the option to dial into prospects and accounts from within Salesforce will provide you with several benefits. Calling is not the same as email because it should be handled manually. Salesforce developed a Sales cloud outbound calling solution dialer for Salesforce to make it significantly more efficient, saving you hours. 

The Benefits of Dialer for Salesforce

Keep Your Sales Leads Warm

It is important to keep your sales leads warm by dialling through them fast and effectively. It takes longer if your sales team dials through their lists by hand. It allows your leads to relax, forget about you, or perhaps clinch a transaction with one of your competitors.

Provides Real-Time Data

Understanding what works and what doesn’t work as you attempt to expand your business is vital. With the click of a button, the Salesforce dialer will provide you with real-time insights and reports.

Ensures Data Accuracy

With a native dialer for Salesforce, you can input and dial phone numbers directly from the system. There will be no missed or erroneously entered numbers, and customer accounts will be automatically updated.

Enhances Performance of Sales Reps

Your sales professionals will naturally perform better using Salesforce dialling software since they will have more opportunities to speak with prospects. However, for the same reason, they will increase their own skills more quickly.


The Salesforce Lightning Dialer is a lethal mix of modern telephonic features. It ended years of distressing phone calls and client engagement initiatives. If you have already integrated a dialer tool for Salesforce, please share your experiences in the comments. If you still don’t have a dialer tool, contact Wahinnovations and speak with an expert to learn more.

Mango Asset a Salesforce Inventory Management App -

Mango Asset a Salesforce Inventory Management App

Inventory management is one of the time-consuming processes that can slow down your company’s development. You need proper inventory management whether you operate a store, an eCommerce platform, a supermarket, or a logistic warehouse.

What is an Inventory Management App?

A Salesforce inventory management app is a tool that allows you to track products as they pass through the supply chain of your organisation. It outlines the entire path of a product, from order placement with your vendor to order delivery to your customer.

Businesses reduce waste, evaluate patterns, and make better investment decisions if their products are tracked accurately.

Additional Feature- Salesforce Warehouse Management

You can monitor your warehouse with an inventory management app. If you run a logistics company or a warehouse and have trouble managing inventory, the Salesforce warehouse management feature of the inventory management app will help.

Mango Asset by Wahinnovations

Mango Asset is a native inventory management software for Salesforce developed by Wahinnovations. It is a one-stop solution for all your inventory management needs in your showrooms and warehouse.

At the time of the incoming asset, Mango Asset produces a barcode, which allows you to add all of the information related to your assets and retrieve it when needed simply by scanning the barcode.

Other core features of Mango Asset are Inventory Management at all levels of the sale, support, returns, Unlimited inventory locations, Transfer inventory from one spot to the next, and multiple warehouses.


If you are looking for an inventory management tool for your business, check out Mango Asset, a salesforce inventory management app, at Wahinnovations. It is one of the best inventory management tools available, with numerous features. With Mango Asset, you can get more than just benefits.

Significance of eSignature For Salesforce in the Hospital Industry -

Significance of eSignature For Salesforce in Hospital Industry

The hospitality sector is the most exciting, vibrant, and demanding of all. It usually entails striking a balance between offering excellent customer service and keeping a close eye on expenditures. Salesforce CRM is one of the best CRM services for a reason: its adaptability to various enterprises and integration of third-party apps. Documentation of an organisation, customer entries, staff entries, and other paperwork of hospital management can be effective and fast with the integration of eSignature for Salesforce like Mango Sign.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of eSignature in the hospitality sector:

Improved Customer Experience 

E-signature solutions improve customer satisfaction by providing consumers convenience at receiving/using the purchased services.

Improved Brand Reputation 

Young people are increasingly becoming the hospitality industry’s major clientele. They have an innate predisposition for technical solutions and businesses that employ e-signatures appeal to young customers more than traditional service providers.

Enhanced Customer Service

With services becoming more timely and transaction processes becoming semi-automated, hospitality personnel can focus on what matters most — providing exceptional client service.

Reduction of Overhead Costs

Instead of maintaining photocopying/scanning machines or acquiring products like toner and paper, money could be used on more important things.

Other Benefits of eSignature

  • Improves collaboration and simplifies workflow.
  • Reduces the amount of clutter caused by excessive paper consumption
  • Increase information availability by storing all documents electronically.
  • Get rid of document loss.
  • Improve the reputation of your brand.
  • It does not necessitate a high level of technical expertise.


For the hospitality business, eSignature is a fantastic tool for decreasing system issues, providing personalised services, and increasing revenue. By incorporating eSignature technology into your system, you can increase the productivity of your organisation. Please let us know if we miss any significant benefits of eSignature integration in the Hospital industry Salesforce. For more information on Salesforce, go to

How To Use Document Generation Tool to Create Document With Salesforce Data?

How To Use Document Generation Tool to Create Document With Salesforce Data?

With the help of any Salesforce document generation tools, We can automatically design or use a template for a document. And with the help of Salesforce data, you can create any type of document, such as a contract, quote, agreement, proposal, or application, and convert it to a PDF, Word Document, Excel Document, or Google Doc, among other formats.

We’ll go over how to use the Salesforce document generation tool to generate documents using Salesforce data in this article.

The following are some of the most common reasons for generating documents from Salesforce:

  • With the press of a button, you can build a proposal or quote PDF from data existing in the Salesforce Account, Proposal, and Opportunity Line Items and email it to a potential customer.
  • Create a form with merged field information from the person’s name or company information.
  • To send an electronic signature, create an agreement or contract that combines the company name, the person’s name, and any unique contract information already entered on the Salesforce record.

How to generate documents in Salesforce?

  • You can utilize an app like Mango Docs, which we developed. Alternatively, you can create apex code with a trigger or a class to generate the content.
  • The Mango Docs app has the benefits that it is easy to configure if you are not a programmer, and as well as to update any template or settings.
  • Mango Docs includes all features to automatically generate documents in Salesforce.
  • Mango Docs focus on offering additional assistance for greater flexibility and comfort in several scenarios: Google Docs to save documents, Search tool for searching fields. Document previewing is simple and quick. Send an email to numerous people at the same time. It is simple to construct a template by just pasting a string from Template Builder. There are numerous ways to conserve money, as well as many others.


If you want to learn more about Salesforce products, please contact us. Also, please leave your ideas in the comments about using the Salesforce document generation tool in your organization.

Adopt Salesforce Document Generation Software For Your Business

Adopt Salesforce Document Generation Software For Your Business

Consider all of the hours your staff spends writing paperwork, sending emails, following up by phone, and keeping track of many sales possibilities at the same time to ensure nothing slips through the cracks… It’s enough to make you cry with rage at the squandered time and resources, not to mention the sales talent tethered to admin when they should be producing sales! It’s time to embrace Salesforce document generation software to automatically generate smart documents.

Benefits of Salesforce document generation tools for your organisation:

Allows Sales Teams to Focus on What is Important:

Allow salespeople to focus on selling rather than document creation.


Every business has its own set of rules. The more control you have over documents created in Salesforce, the more likely the rules to be enforced.

Branding Consistency:

We all know that the marketing team is very concerned with layout, grammar, and correct logo usage. By using approved templates for all documents, there is less chance of deviating from those standards when employing a document generator.

Faster Completion Times:

The less time a sales rep spends on the document, the more time they have to sell — which also implies that when the document reviews and close times decrease.

Reducing Errors:

Because salespeople aren’t doing things manually or cutting and pasting from one document to another, they make fewer errors – something consumers like.


Data from document generators are combined to generate insights across the system. Admins/sales managers can view the full book of business in real-time with a single click

Mango Docs is the only Salesforce document generation tool that is developed on the native Salesforce platform. That means it’s faster, more secure, easier to use and more seamlessly integrated into the system on which your staff rely every day. Leave us a comment to tell us your view on implementing document generation software.