Adopt Salesforce Document Generation Software For Your Business

Adopt Salesforce Document Generation Software For Your Business

Consider all of the hours your staff spends writing paperwork, sending emails, following up by phone, and keeping track of many sales possibilities at the same time to ensure nothing slips through the cracks… It’s enough to make you cry with rage at the squandered time and resources, not to mention the sales talent tethered to admin when they should be producing sales! It’s time to embrace Salesforce document generation software to automatically generate smart documents.

Benefits of Salesforce document generation tools for your organisation:

Allows Sales Teams to Focus on What is Important:

Allow salespeople to focus on selling rather than document creation.


Every business has its own set of rules. The more control you have over documents created in Salesforce, the more likely the rules to be enforced.

Branding Consistency:

We all know that the marketing team is very concerned with layout, grammar, and correct logo usage. By using approved templates for all documents, there is less chance of deviating from those standards when employing a document generator.

Faster Completion Times:

The less time a sales rep spends on the document, the more time they have to sell — which also implies that when the document reviews and close times decrease.

Reducing Errors:

Because salespeople aren’t doing things manually or cutting and pasting from one document to another, they make fewer errors – something consumers like.


Data from document generators are combined to generate insights across the system. Admins/sales managers can view the full book of business in real-time with a single click

Mango Docs is the only Salesforce document generation tool that is developed on the native Salesforce platform. That means it’s faster, more secure, easier to use and more seamlessly integrated into the system on which your staff rely every day. Leave us a comment to tell us your view on implementing document generation software.

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