Mango Docs, Salesforce Document Generation Software for Your Business

Mango Docs, Salesforce Document Generation Software for Your Business

With the magic of automation, our work experience becomes super-efficient and effortless. Salesforce CRM enables us to add beneficial resources for automating manual processes. One of the essential but time-consuming processes is to create different types of documents for various purposes. With the integration of a salesforce document generation software, you can easily generate unique and even complex documents in the minutes and convert them to any format such as PDF, Words, Docx, etc.

What is Salesforce Document Generation Software?

salesforce document generation software permits Salesforce CRM users to generate custom, unique and update documents efficiently and quickly. With the help of a document generation tool, we can commonly create the document for many applications like Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, Emails, etc. We can use these tools to generate documents such as business proposals, legal documentation, contracts, quotes, presentations and many more. There are various tools available to integrate with Salesforce, but Mango Docs by wahinnovations is the best choice among them.

Why Mango Docs?

Mango Docs is a native Salesforce document generation tool for document creation and automation created by Wahinnovations. It enables users to develop, customise, and edit documents as required. It also helps you to convert documents into various formats.

Mango Docs primarily provide four features: Mango Docs Configuration, Template Builder, Legacy Google Docs Template, and SF Templates. It boosts team productivity and success while providing a fast and professional solution for your organisation.

Some useful features of Mango Docs are, users can integrate Mango Docs from Salesforce App Exchange, no coding required, easy to merge data, easily send documents through email, easy navigation, instant preview of documents, multiple options to save, eSignature integration, the dashboard for reports, unlimited access, various format conversion and many other helpful features. 

Integrating Mango Docs with your Salesforce system can be an ideal solution for your business.


In conclusion, Wahinnovations’ Mango Docs is undoubtedly one of the best document generation tools to integrate with Salesforce. Let us know your views in the comment section below.